About The Artist

A new artist is here to offer a whole new art form. Jack Sierad, a PhD from UCLA and former Los Angeles business owner has developed an entirely new art form. SEA GLASS ART. 100% Pacific Ocean, hand picked pieces. Each picture contains 4-5000 pieces of individually selected glass which are assembled into a truly unique and beautiful creation.

3 Comments to About The Artist

  1. Patti S.

    I love your Artwork I was at the Seaglass Festival on Sunday!! Your Artwork is awesome! I hope to see it again soon, Enjoy, Patti

  2. donna

    Each one is an amazingly breathtaking piece.

  3. Lisa

    Just met you on the sands of Kauai last week. I’m here checking out your website and the beautiful art you’ve produced with your sea glass findings … amazing!